Shibaura SG280 Slope Mower

Shibaura SG280 Slope Mower

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The SG280 slope mower has been designed with health and safety in mind. It’s low centre of gravity and 4wd system allows you operate on slopes up to 30 degrees.

The SG280 is more versatile than its competitors as it can be used on general amenity areas with its 152cm side or rear discharge decks. The decks are reinforced and have antiscalp rollers to reduct damage, and have grease points to increase their life span.

The machine also has a swivelling seat so that the operator feels comfortable when cutting at the edge of its capabilities.

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Tags: Ride-on,Mower
Power rating: 1496cc
Fuel: Diesel
Manufacturer: Shibaura
Engine / motor: Shibaura N843
Starting method: Electric start
Working width (cm): 152cm
Height range: 25-102mm
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Discharge: Rear
Maximum incline: 30°
Qty blades: 3
Speed: 8 - 18km/h
Method of cut: Rotary
Suitable for: Fine-turf sports,Large gardens & estates,Amenity & contract work