Baroness TDA1200 Aerator

Baroness TDA1200 Aerator

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The TDA compact aerators combine sturdiness, efficiency and simplicity to achieve reduced maintenance costs and a long service life.

It is very versatile and is ideal for golf greens and tees, bowling greens, tennis courts, sports fields and large formal lawns. Although compact in design, it can still achieve a high level of productivity with a low horse power requirement. It can be powered by a small compact tractor thereby minimising turf damage and compaction whilst allowing access to restricted areas.

Multiple tine options and a two speed gearbox provide a variety of hole spacings and a smooth action. The machine is complete with a finger spacer bar and a rear roller and they are supplied with a 3 year warranty. A TDA1200 is also available

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Manufacturer: Baroness
Working width (cm): 117cm
Dry weight: 495kg
Minimum power required (hp): 18hp
Tines: 18
Productivity: 1872m^2/h at 1.6km/h
Speed: 0.52 - 1.5km/h
Pitch ^: 42-163mm
Spacing >: 65-100mm
Tine type: Coring / solid
Suitable for: Golf courses,Fine-turf sports,Large gardens & estates,Amenity & contract work