Baroness SP05 Ride-on Bunker Rake

Baroness SP05 Ride-on Bunker Rake

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The SP05 is fitted with a powerful 18 hp V-Twin engine to enable it to cope with the most demanding of bunkers and sand loads.

It has a smooth hydrostatic drive system which allows accurate following of the most complex bunkers. It is the only Bunker Rake to be fitted with selectable 2WD or 3WD. This allows standard bunker maintenance in 2WD without the wheels scrubbing. For heavier bunker repair jobs where large volumes of sand are to be moved, then 3WD can be engaged.

The SP05 also has power steering for tight turns and a contoured rake for smooth raking. It has front and rear lights, responsive hydraulic attachment lift and an optional front plough and mid cultivator. It is supplied with a 3 year warranty.

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Tags: Ride-on,Bunker rake
Power rating: 18hp
Fuel: Petrol
Manufacturer: Baroness
Engine / motor: Vanguard V-Twin
Working width (cm): 190cm
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Suitable for: Golf courses,Fine-turf sports